Aussie Property Group

Brings New Site into View and Increases Visibility

The Aussie Property Group has assisted in securing clients over 2,000 investment properties. With over 27 years of experience, the owner and director, David, has sold property in excess of 1.2 Billion dollars and has a vast and intricate knowledge of the national real estate market.

Aussie Property Group wanted to move away from the incomplete and error-filled WordPress site left by a previous developer on another platform and wanted to get more presence across Google and other search engines.

Aussie Property Group
Action Needed

Action Needed

Marketing Station was to fix the website errors, making sure that everything ran smoothly and that all call to actions on the site were accurate and linked correctly. We also redesigned the image banners for the Aussie Property Group and redid all of the property pages. The end result was to have a fully functioning website that works well for David and the Aussie Property Group, and for the business to be found on search engines for specific search results.

Results Achieved

Marketing Station was able to complete and sort out all errors and problems that were appearing on the Aussie Property Group website, allowing them to receive the leads they were supposed to. The team also performed and executed on-page technical search engine optimization in order to rank higher in the search engine results. In addition to all this, Marketing Station set up all the tracking and configured the Google Console for sitemap and indexing results for being found online.

Client Response

I started my journey to build a website in a typical way looking online for web designers etc, engaged one & that’s when I found out all the pitfalls of dealing with a company who outsources overseas. After many weeks of frustration & not being able to get what I wanted, breakdown in communications, I finally handed over a broken website to Kelly & Emma. From that moment on my despair turned to hope. The communication was clear, response time super fast & efficient. I now have a fully functioning website that works well. I cannot recommend Marketing Station highly enough.

David Clynch
Founder of Aussie Property Club