Holidays afloat

Sails Ahead with Unique and Effective Marketing Strategy

Holidays Afloat is located an hour north of Sydney in Brooklyn, located at the gateway to the Hawkesbury. Holidays Afloat offers a wide range of houseboats and vessels on any kind of budget to enjoy cruises of all kinds of through a team of professionally trained staff.

The team offers modern safety systems like GPS satellite navigation tracking and has a friendly, and well-trained staff complement that will give you full and personal briefings on the vessels, and a thorough list of features and operations.

Holidays Afloat approached Marketing Station to assist them in their online marketing. At the time, Holidays Afloat had a Google Places account, and little else, but wanted their company on the map, giving them a leg-up in the industry.

Holidays afloat
Action Needed

Action Needed

Initially, Holidays Afloat wanted to increase the revenue of the company, which was almost completely reliant on bookings through their website. Another personal goal for the company was to bring Holidays Afloat in front of more Australian users, across the entire country.

Marketing Station examined the business high and low, inspecting it and looking at the aspects that could be improved upon, looking to redevelop most aspects from the ground up from new modern website design and development to Search Engine Optimisation. Both parties were also interested in being the top search results on Google for a number of keyword search terms.

Results Achieved

Within the scope of the online marketing between Marketing Station and Holidays Afloat, the SEO campaign developed between both parties were able to achieve and surpass everything set out in initial talks. Holidays Afloat managed to earn page one SERPs with over 20 different keywords and phrases, and as a result, allowed Marketing Station to redevelop their website. In doing so, this additionally created and brought more online success in terms of conversion, and putting Holidays Afloat into the modern era of webspace.

Client Response

To describe Marketing Station in one word – brilliant. Kelly and Emma know their stuff. Their web design capability is first class. They resolve issues without fuss, and they are there whenever you need them. They are exactly what small businesses need to take advantage of electronic mediums – in particular with Search Engine Optimisation. High praise from us and highly recommended.

Owners of Holidays Afloat and Ripples Houseboats Hawkesbury River