Jakanda and Marketing Station Team Up to Reduce Spend and Increase Conversions

Jakanda PTY LTD is a fully Australian owned and family operated company focusing on first-floor additions and ground floor extensions. They have been building Western Sydney homes since 1997 and is run by Terry and Michelle. The team prides themselves on having repeat customers and referral work, so were looking to get into the market for new clientele. Jakanda and Marketing Station found each other at the perfect junction. At the time,Jakanda was running a Google Ads account, spending over $2,000 a month due to the competitive nature of the business. Marketing Station conducted an online audit and strategy sessions with the team, and we set out to reduce spend and increase conversions.

Action Needed

Action Needed

Together, we wanted to increase overall revenue for their primary business functions in first floor extensions and ground floor additions. We needed to reduce the monthly Google Ads spend and restructure it towards a more targeted audience too. Another goal was to redesign and redevelop the company website, developing a user-friendly CMS to be used on the backend. We wanted to get Jakanda to page one of the SERPs, create a new look for the brand and to build a new face for social media, overall creating more exposure.

Results Achieved

After completely redesigning and redeveloping the new Jakanda PTY LTD website, it managed to have increased traffic and increased lads, while overall reducing bounce rate. The new custom-built website with its new look and feel has helped to achieve over 100 page one positions on search results with an aggressive SEO campaign. Marketing Station was able to redevelop Google Ads for Jakanda and reduce the monthly costs on the account by a significant margin. Jakanda now spends a fifth of what they used to spend per month, but still manages to get amazing returns, resulting in them being booked out in advance for 12 months at a time.

Together, both teams also managed to create a new brand with all around wide exposure across different marketing platforms. We redefined Google My Business (GMB), restructured their inorganic and organic growth, fixed up social media such as Instagram, and adapted the Google Ads to be far more effective.

Client Response

Emma and Kel redesigned and set up our digital marketing network/ strategy over 12 months ago, in that time our leads have improved, receiving better quality leads while keeping our marketing budget down. Since they started our new campaign, they have also set up our new website and send us reports every week with continual improvements in organic leads and quality of leads.

Emma and Kel are very responsive and genuinely care and enjoy what they do, if we have a question they will look into it and always respond quickly. I would thoroughly recommend them and would encourage any business to give them ago, I’m glad we did!

Terry and Michelle Becker
Jakanda Pty Ltd