Monaco Global

Marketing Station and Monaco Global Hit Page One Search Results in Record Time

Monaco Global is on a mission to give its customers the highest quality products at affordable rates. They strive to stay at the forefront of technology and wants to turn hopes, plans, and possibilities into reality.

When Marketing Station first started working with Monaco Global, we found that we aligned with their business model and wanted to do the best job possible to help bring their company into the Australian market.

Action Needed

When Monaco Global first made contact with Marketing Station, we had a discussion about the company’s online presence in Australia. Together, we wanted to increase their presence in the country, and put together a marketing plan to achieve these goals.

Marketing Station was to develop and design a modern, professional website with detail on the company and everything they have to offer. We also want to ensure they are found on Google SERPs, and as a result of that, enjoy increased revenue and business growth. Finally, we also wanted to implement local and international SEO strategy in order to bring the business in line and above its competitors.

Results Achieved

With the help of Marketing Station, Monaco Global has been able to successfully launch their website and with it, achieve page one exposure for 20 keywords and keyword phrases that we had developed. These keywords were carefully cultivated from research as high search volume keywords, in use by other competitors and giving valuable ROI potential.

We also managed to plan and deploy marketing plans and strategies for Monaco Global for the next six quarters. The new website has thus far increased web visits for Monaco Global and has also increased conversion stats.