Outback Pools

Marketing Station and Outback Pools Dip Their Toes into the Waters of Success

By serving the community for over 40 years, Outback Pools was looking to take a step towards online presence, developing a lot of the brand online, while still being able to make ends meet. Having worked with marketing agencies in the past, Outback Pools was paying a large sum of money for what it was achieving through results, so Marketing Station decided to step in to see where we could help


Action Needed

When we first set out on this mission together with Outback Pools, one of our primary goals was to increase exposure. Initially, Marketing Station strategised with the team to create a marketing plan that would achieve our goals. This included an in-depth look at a mixture of SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, and Google My Business.

In turn, we wanted to create a new, modern and professional web design, giving people the opportunity to find the site on Google above all competition through their own search terminology, as well as increase the revenue and the business growth of the company going forward

Results Achieved

Outback Pools has successfully been able to increase their exposure across the board and has achieved page-one SERPs for 40 keywords and phrases as per the research conducted. Not only are these high search volume terms, but keywords that offer real ROI potential.

This increase in numbers has seen leads converted into new customers, having new pools built and adjusted the target market to be more fitting with the clientele that Outback Pools is after. We’ve also managed to successfully decrease Google Ads spend, and have targeted ads towards more relevancy and higher ROI than ever before.


Client Response

The team at Marketing Station have been so helpful to our business as we know very little about online marketing, SEO or Google Adwords. They have increased and maintained our online visibility and presence in a very competitive market. Marketing Station are always very quick to respond to any queries we may have and make adjustments or advise of any changes that may be required to ensure our rankings are maintained. The weekly SEO and Adwords reports they send through are very informative and easy to understand.

We look forward to working with the team at Marketing Station.

Kelly Stevens
Outback Pools Directo