Penrith Engine Services

Looks to Marketing Station for Online Revamp

Penrith Engine Services came to Marketing Station to get their online presence improved. This included Google Ads, an updated and improved website, and a sharp increase in SEO for the company and business.

Penrith Engine Services
Action Needed

Action Needed

The overall goal for Penrith Engine Services was to increase the exposure of their company and put together a marketing plan that would achieve the goals they set out. These goals include a mixture of increasing search engine optimisation, capitalising on Google Ads, and bringing more awareness towards Social Media and Google My Business.

The team was to develop a modern, and professional website, with detailed development, allowing the site to be seen above other competition on search results, and to increase the revenue and business growth for the company.

Results Achieved

After a short but effective marketing campaign, Penrith Engine Services has already seen a huge increase in lead generation. Together, the team has achieved page-one SERPs for over 30 different keywords as developed as part of an aggressive marketing campaign. This has resulted in a high search volume for Penrith Engine Services, and increased ROI potential for the company.

The local SEO goals were reached for local car servicing in Penrith, and the team has reduced Google Ads spending by 50%, and with the new campaign has stayed relevant and reduced bounce rate for incorrect targeting.

Client Response

Two years later & Marketing Station are still more than meeting our needs & keeping our profile out there & our workshop busy. Always on the ball. Excellent service.

Ralph Mazza Director
Penrith Engines