Pets RIP

Pets RIP – From Word of Mouth to Capitalising in Online Marketing

Pets RIP is a family-run business located Toowoomba, Brisbane and Ipswich, servicing surrounding areas that was previously run off of a straight-forward and simple Google Ads account, with heavy worth of mouth support.

The company had no SEO, no GMB and a website that looked and felt a little older, keeping users at an arm’s length. Due to the exceptional service from Beric and his team, Pets RIP still did well at the time as the company provides an outstanding service as one of the few ethical pet crematoriums in Australia.

Action Needed

Beric engaged with Marketing Station to help bring Pets RIP into a new light, with the end goal of increasing revenue by making the company and the service searchable for popular terms through Google.

The business growth for the locations in Toowoomba and Ipswich needed to increase, and thus Pets RIP engaged in an aggressive marketing strategy to ensure their leg up above the competition.

Results Achieved

What we did was build a new website that not only developed Pets RIP but changed the
entire industry. The site in question, developed by Marketing Station, was a breath of fresh
air, featuring an internal system developed for the staff to use in the daily running of the
business and cremations, but also one that increase exposure and generated more revenue.

The term “Celebrate Your Mate” was born through the hard work and compassion of all
involved and it has transformed the pet cremation industry as a whole. The change from pet
cremation to making it a celebration of life took Pets RIP from having very little online
presence to becoming a leader of industry. Marketing Station helped Pets RIP to increase
revenue significantly after deployment and development of a marketing plan that consisted
of search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Google My Business (GMB) and Social

To date, Pets RIP has over 100 page-one keywords on the search engine results pages
(SERPs) and maintains a high level of conversions through targeted Google Ads campaigns.

Client Response

I have been with Marketing Station since they started and rely very heavily on their advice
and work, to run our business. I can only sing their praises and they certainly deliver on their
promises especially after dealing with a prior business that never delivered on their
promises, Good on ya, well done, great team, Kelly & Emma