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Did you know that having between 10 and 15 landing pages can actually increase your conversion by 55%? While many sites will have landing pages, such as a Home page, a Contact page, maybe even a page that tells you a little bit about your company, many of them aren’t comprehensive with their landing pages and their offerings.

Each landing page has a specific purpose but some of them aren’t really designed all that well. Only 50% of landing pages are optimized for mobile. That’s a huge problem when the world is spending so much time on their mobiles each and every day. We know how important speed is, but having the correctly tagged and designed pages can boost your conversion by incredible rates.

Our Landing Pages

The landing pages that we do are special. Not only do landing pages need to be designed well, have good content and be specifically designed with SEO in mind, they also need to serve a purpose. Everything that we do on landing pages has a point and has a reason for being that way. They are simple to follow, and many of the users who visit them or come across them generally have a good experience.

That’s not to say that we are completely without fault ourselves. We have gone through many iterations over the years to make things perfect for the customer. There’s no trickery or smoke and mirrors, it’s just good, quality content, backed up by solid web design to make the process a fun one.

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What Makes a Landing Page

A landing page is basically a web page that sits alone, created for a reason. The reason could be to convert traffic, it could be to redirect, it could be to advertise products or services, or anything in between. It’s the place where any visitor will “land” when they click on a link from a search engine or an email.

These landing pages will often have a call to action, or a CTA, something which prompts the user to get in touch or make contact. When we say that you should talk to Marketing Station Sydney about your landing page needs, that’s a CTA. The primary point of it is to get you to contact us if you need help with your landing pages.