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Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO

When your site is operating at the optimal levels, having local search engine optimisation is the best way to get local searches relating to your company straight to your business. You should be optimised for searches that will be coming from people looking in specific areas.

A company that operates out of a specific area will need a fair degree of information relating to where your company is. That includes aspects such as a contact page, directions to your store or shop, or even the closest main road. All of these things can get your customers and clients in your doors without much trouble, assuming your SEO is correct.

Less than half of the people who are searching on Google, are searching with local intent. That means that almost 50% of people who type in something like “coffee shop” or “hardware store” are looking for their nearest one. This is something that every business should capitalise on as long as their company wants the foot traffic.

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We’ll Help Google Your Business

Google has a service known as Google My Business (GMB), something that helps business profiles on Google. It’s been known as many other things before, but it’s an important aspect to local SEO. With Marketing Station Sydney, we’ll help to sort your GMB page out and give you the right answers that you need to bring in the customers and clients.

Not only can we do that, but we can help with competitor analysis, everyone else in the area who may be doing something similar. In addition, having the right keywords and target phrases will let Google know that your company means business. The better we can make your site, the faster and more accurately Google will crawl it and give it favourable results.

Make no mistake that if your business is done right and it’s in close proximity of the searcher, there’s a good chance your company or business is going to pop up. But if you haven’t optimised your site correctly, as we would at Marketing Station Sydney, then you might be in for a bit of a shock when local customers aren’t coming to you.