We can offer a bespoke search engine optimisation
setup for new startup businesses.

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Startup Search Engine Optimisation

What’s interesting is that out of every 1,000 startups that pop up, almost 70% of them make active use of Facebook. Just behind that was people using email marketing at 65%. We find that these statistics are great, and the point behind them is that people feel startups can connect on a more personal level.

Now, this may be largely due to the fact that startups have a smaller amount of capital or they have decided to start working on a smaller, functional site, without investing too much money. Something like search engine optimisation can really help these companies due to the fact that a little bit of knowledge can go a long way, and with Marketing Station, that knowledge can be put into place immediately.

Our Services

We offer Startup SEO services for all kinds of businesses across Australia. Each client that we have has been given full attention and has been part of a process of development as we’ve moved across web design, development, SEO, SEM, and everything in between.

With SEO, Marketing Station puts together a list of everything we need to succeed for your company and then puts it into action at a good rate.

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The Basics of Startup SEO

When we mention the basics, people often get a little scared, because SEO, while important, is not an exact science. It’s something that is constantly changing through search engines.

With SEO, search engines like Google want their users to have the best information at their fingertips. When it comes to companies, they likely just want to get as many people on their site or using their products as possible, so there’s a slight disconnect.


What We Do

What Marketing Station Sydney does is perform competitor analysis to see who is doing what, and how they are doing it. This gives us valuable insight into your world and shows us how we can make decisions to better benefit your company.

We use specific targeted phrases and keywords that are proven to work for startup businesses, giving you a well-priced alternative to something like paid search engine marketing. We also give clients advice and a few tips and tricks to put their best foot forwards in the SEO market.