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Who are we?

We are a group of individual thinkers, extremely talented and passionate about what we do. We work great as a team due to our values and philosophies about work and life. We are progressive, well trained, on a mission to bring any business that comes on board great success.

Marketing Station specialises in everything that you need to get up and running and stay on top of your competitors. We offer one of the best in eCommerce web design Sydney has to offer and are expanding to include global companies from all around the world. We don’t only focus on eCommerce web design but delve into far more complex parts of the online world too.

Whether you’re looking at Social Media strategies, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design and development, Google Ads, Google My Business or more, Marketing Station will have you covered. We develop a bespoke marketing plan that works for you and your company, putting your interests first, focusing on achieving the goals that you set out to achieve with your online web presence. Our team of experts have a list of clients that can vouch for our expertise and professionalism and we’re looking forward to helping you take your next steps in the online world.

Marketing Station

meet our key management team of professionals

Meet our key management team
Emma McMahon CEO & Lead Designer <br> Getty Images Photographer

Emma McMahon

CEO & Lead Designer
Getty Images Photographer

Kelly McMahon COO & Lead Strategist<br> 15 Years Google Ads Trainer

Kelly McMahon

COO & Lead Strategist
15 Years Google Ads Trainer

Divesh Kumar SEO & Web Design Manager

Divesh Kumar

SEO & Web Design Manager

Adam Scott Content Strategist & Writer<br>

Adam Scott

Content Strategist & Writer

Alison Martin Content Strategist & Content Writer

Alison Martin

Content Strategist & Content Writer

Marketing Station Team


Bringing you online success

We dedicate ourselves to developing your online business. Marketing Station will dive deep into what makes your company and business unique and ensure that both parties are on the same page, and work towards the same goals. We’ll set out with ideas and brainstorm what needs to be done, set expectations, and do our best to exceed them.


  • Custom designed sites and systems.
  • Top search engine results for keywords.
  • SEM and Paid search discussions.
  • Creative and clever ways to stand out.


  • We develop a template that represents you.
  • The content and creation are all aligned.
  • We can help to grow your business your way.
  • We’ll innovate while keeping true to your voice.

Anything You Can Imagine You Can Create Oprah Winfrey

Engaging with Trusted Global Companies