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SEO is not a myth. You will increase your leads and sales if you offer a viable product or service

There are over 2 billion people online. 93% of online activities start on a search engine.

There are 40,000 searches every second, and 3.5 billion searches per day. There are millions of opportunities for your business to become found on search engines. One of the most important benefits of SEO is that your customers are using search engines daily. Traffic on search engines is the best traffic. Why? Because people are actually searching for the problem you solve. You can “pull” traffic to your business. You do not have to “push” out advertisements to persuade people to buy. Search traffic is already interested in your products and services. SEO traffic is more likely to convert than other sources of traffic. In fact, search traffic has the best conversion rates for most websites. By positioning yourself on search engines, you are positioning your business to win more conversions. People trust Google. They use it every day to find what they are looking for. By ranking high on search engines, your business will build trust and credibility with your audience. In fact, 37% of search engine clicks are on the first organic listing. SEO is a long-term strategy. It can take 6-12 months to see optimal rankings. However, just as it takes time to move up the rankings, it takes time to move down the rankings. Once you are placed in top positions, you rarely move down. The only reason this would change is due to rising SEO competition or changes in Google algorithm.



Researching your industry, knowing your business and finding out all there is to know about your competitors


Content plays a huge part of SEO, and Marketing Station’s content planning starts in your very first month.


Marketing Station report to you weekly, we are working with you to keep you updated and involved in your very own business growth

Our Process
  • Research
  • Competitor watch
  • Planning
  • Content and deployment
  • Results

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