Blink in faux mink

Marketing Station Helps Blink in Faux Mink Match Online Presence with Top Competitors

Blink in Faux Mink (BIFM) approached Marketing Station looking for a way to completely set up brand development for their company, from setting up an ecommerce web design, all the way through to marketing strategy. The company is a cruelty-free brand with Vegas lashes and Kryolan cosmetics.

In order to bring BIFM in line with competitors, the plan was to reinvent their website and increase the user experience across the entire brand, making it look and feel that BIFM was in their rightful place as a beauty and cosmetics company, in an extremely competitive market.

Action Needed

What Marketing Station decided to do was to bring BIFM into a new era with a professional, modern website that has a firm focus on e-commerce, allowing people the chance to convert, with a highly effective UI adoption. Marketing Station wanted to develop the user experience by look and feel, and with strategic planning, bring BIRM to the forefront of the competition, appearing in top search results and increasing online presence.

Results Achieved

Within three months of contact, BIFM’s new online presence was launching and the plan put into action to increase viewership. The Marketing Station plan was put into action across multiple platforms, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads (SEM), Social Media and Google My Business (GMB).

BIFM opted for an aggressive marketing plan and since implementation has enjoyed an increase of over 12.5% in online presence, matching the closest competitors in the industry within 8 months.

Client Response

“Thank you to the wonderful team at Marketing Station Sydney. They were and still are so helpful and have been from the start. We approached them for the new update of our website design (ecommerce) and also online marketing including Search Engine Optimisation (which I had no clue of at the start and this is a MUST for any business), Social Media and they take care of our Google My Business. They also take care of our designs for any mail outs we do and also email marketing which is always so creative. Being under the “wings” of Marketing Station makes you feel so confident everyday. Thank you guys, look forward to success in the years ahead with you.”