Costis Fresh Seafood

Redeveloped and Solidified Brand Through Marketing Station

Located in Castle Hill Towers Shopping Centre, Costis Fresh Seafood is an established fishmonger first created in 1991. It’s a family-run business, offering hands-on expertise across all aspects of the company.

Costis Fresh Seafood approached Marketing Station to bring their company to the forefront of technology and online presence, tasked with creating new marketing strategies, and to design and develop a new e-commerce website for fresh seafood home delivery. In turn, this would create a unique online brand exposure and appear as the go-to establishment in the surrounding areas.

Action Needed

Costis Fresh Seafood wanted to bring their brand into the modern era with a brand-new, professional e-commerce website that was able to convert potential buyers into return customers. Marketing Station noticed that this kind of business offering delivery in the Castle Hill area was virtually untapped, meaning we could develop a user experience second to none, and offer an entire back-end capable of managing and tracking orders through advanced systems.

Results Achieved

After the first 3 months of making contact, Costis Fresh Seafood had a fully launched and integrated e-commerce website including an internal database and dashboard. Using an aggressive marketing plan including social media such as Facebook and Instagram, Costis had achieved their revenue goals within two weeks.

Not only did we achieve and surpass these goals, but the internal operations were seamless and has thus far received a 43% increase on orders and repeat purchases. Marketing Station achieved page one Google results for Seafood Deliveries in Castle Hill using SEO and interlinking, without the use of any Google Ads.