Marketing Station and Datawash come together to enhance their niche business

Datawash, as a niche industry, was finding it difficult to enter the market and offer people what was essentially an almost-required service. The company was to empower business to know the accuracy of a customer database before sending out marketing campaigns, something which is essential in this day and age. The only trick then, is to get the information
out there.

Action Needed

Action Needed

Datawash engaged Marketing Station, asking them to take control of their online presence. As such, Datawash wanted to have a plan developed for them that was unique and would result in increased online exposure.

Marketing Station was to come up with a marketing strategy to set goals in the realms of SEO, Google Ads, Social Media and Google My Business, to give them a modern site, that offered a professional look in design and development. The site was to be found on Google above any competition for certain keywords and phrases, and to overall increase revenue and growth of the business.

Results Achieved

Marketing Station set out to develop the new website and immediately started seeing increased exposure in website visits and engagements. Not only was the site bustling with new viewers, but Datawash began to appear on the first page of SERPs for the designated keywords and phrases that were identified.

Datawash was able to decrease their Google Ads spend, and instead, retarget a smaller budget to achieve similar results, giving them a far higher ROI. The new site was developed complete with tracking metrics to ensure that all user behaviour was monitored and Datawash was able to capitalize on those customers going forward.

Client Response

Marketing Station has understood and promoted Datawash’s unique business niche through the years of rapid industry change to provide customer records cleansing, updating, and tracking solutions for companies and organisations of all sizes. Marketing Station’s level of knowledge about Datawash which provides complex B2C data is rare and has greatly contributed to our business competing head to head with global giants. Our frequent high SEO presence and regularly securing new clients to register with the Datawash Internet Portal has positioned our business as a real player in a crowded international and domestic market.

Director of Datawash