We can help with your custom site through WordPress focusing on design and development.

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Custom WordPress Design & Development

Web building software is taking the world by storm and something popular like WordPress actually powers 35% of the web! How mind-blowing is that? With over 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month, WordPress is one of the biggest custom site-builders out there.

While it is designed to make life a lot easier in many different ways with its drag-and-drop style of editing, it’s not as straight forward as some people think. Sure, you can throw a site together on WordPress pretty quickly, but in order to get something truly spectacular, you’ll need a trained hand and more often than not, a custom WordPress design.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system and is by far one of the simplest and most popular ways to make a website or blog. You’ll often see a lot more blogs written up on WordPress than you would corporate sites, but that’s largely because custom design and development for a website can be more open-ended when it’s custom-built.

People will use templates that are freely available, or some more premium ones that cost a little bit more, and managing everything on the site, from design, layouts, templates and content, to everything else in between that. The end result is that WordPress is highly customisable and highly accessible to anyone looking to get into site-building.

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How Marketing Station Sydney
Can Help

At Marketing Station Sydney, we have a team of tailor-made site designers and developers who specialise in many things, one of which, is WordPress. Not only can we build the right kind of custom site from scratch, we can also play a part in building your next custom WordPress site from scratch. It’ll give you a leg up on your competition, being completely unique and template-free, while still giving you the ease of access and use that you might have become accustomed to in WordPress.


Not All WordPress Sites are Equal

If what you’re looking for is your stock standard site operating on WordPress without anything that can differentiate you from your competition, you’ll likely be in a good spot on your own with WordPress. Did you know that WordPress is used on a multitude of high-profile sites too? The only difference is that these sites employ custom designs with custom development too.

Some of the more popular WordPress sites include:

  • The Rolling Stones website
  • Microsoft’s Official Blog
  • The Official Star Wars Blogs
  • BBC America

Each and every one of these sites pull in thousands of users each day, so don’t think that WordPress can’t handle what you’re planning. All you need to do is consult with a team of experts, in this case, Marketing Station Sydney, and you’ll be on your way to increased web traffic on your custom WordPress site.