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Google Analytics is something really special that most people have heard of, but some don’t know how to use. The most basic way of explaining it is to say that it gives you the information you need to be a success.

A small example could be something as simple as catering to the right audience. If you happen to be seeing more visits from the UK than you do the USA, then it makes sense to move your site over to UK English. It will benefit the majority of your customers. You might be wondering if this jeopardises your USA customers then, and in this case, it might. This can be why Google Analytics is vital, but also not always straight forward.

How Google Analytics Can Benefit You

Most companies and individuals are trying to rank on something like Google when they launch a website. It only makes sense then to use the Analytics tool from the same company, right? You’ll be able to track in real-time, what your customers are doing, where they are from, how much time they are spending online, and even purchasing habits. Among the many things we may have mentioned here, we find that these are the most important factors:

Free: Google Analytics is free to use. It will give you all that information absolutely free, but probably with the hopes that you’ll invest money into another branch of your site.

Customized Reports: If you happen to be tracking or wanting to track something particular, then Google Analytics will give you customised reports, letting you decide what you need to see.

Integration: The integration for the software is pretty endless because it fits seamlessly into every other Google product, but also works across multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Measure Statistics: More importantly, it’ll let you see what’s happening with your site. Which blog got the most hits or which page gets the most time on site are vital pieces of information. Once you have this information, you can then use it to your advantage by capitalising on it.

Understanding Bounce Rate: People will jump off your site from time to time, whether they are just bored or found the site by mistake, these things happen. Every site has an expected bounce rate, but it’s important to understand why and how you can fix it, if at all possible.


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Marketing Station with Google Analytics

If you think this might be a bit of an information overload, then don’t stress. Marketing Station Sydney can do all of this for you and so much more when we have access to your systems. In doing so, we can also make recommendations based on our expert team opinion, giving the greatest chances for internet search engine success.