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LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Something that you may not hear from every company that gets into LinkedIn Advertising is that it’s not for everyone out there. Sure, there are companies that will benefit a lot more than others with LinkedIn advertising, but as a social media platform, depending on your product or service, it may make less sense than something like Facebook.

There are over 660 million members on LinkedIn to date, at a rate of almost 675 million users each month. Beyond that, up to 40% of the people are active on a daily basis, meaning that your LinkedIn advertising if targeted correctly, will see a huge audience. We’ll help you target those ads and ensure that what you want people to see will be seen, promoting your business.

LinkedIn Through Marketing Station

We’re also aware of how many senior level influencers and decision-making users are on LinkedIn as it’s a professional place to network. Just by being part of the Marketing Station family, you’ll have full access to our team that get the messages you want seen in front of the right kind of people.

Once you’ve signed your company up for advertising on LinkedIn, we’ll become your virtual campaign manager and run the task for you. We have a team of experts that work across 97 different countries and we fully commit to each and every client. It pays to have Marketing Station in your corner once you’ve had a successful LinkedIn ad campaign because we’ll be able to bring people back to your site, and then capitalize on each visit.

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Using the Right Content

The right kind of content is important through LinkedIn, especially when considering types of advertising. As a business, you should be looking to make the most impact you can as often as possible, while still making sure that your costs are covered.

Marketing Station Sydney can help your business with launching the right kind of ads. From sponsored content that you see on a daily basis throughout social media, all the way through to things like sponsored InMail promoted content and dynamic ads.

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Start learning the correct way to advertise through LinkedIn and start reaping the rewards as soon as you do.