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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media is perhaps one of the most important things in the online world, not just for people, but for businesses too. With over 1.5 billion active daily users each month, Facebook is the place to be no matter whether your business is local or international. With just the smallest bit of influence from a consultant, you could be looking at huge potential gains.

Not only does Facebook have almost five times the population of the USA on a daily basis, there are almost 3.5 billion social media accounts worldwide that account for all the social media platforms together. Whether you’re after just the one platform, or many, it’s a piece of pie that you can’t afford not to take a slice from.

Marketing Station Sydney likes to focus on Social Media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We believe that a company or business should have a presence across the internet. It’s the ideal way to get people to see your products or services, and still remain connected to customers at all times.

What We Don’t Do

Marketing Station has been in this business for some time already and we know that it’s not about trying to trick anyone, trading for likes, or being overly spammy. Facebook pages are meant to be used for public presence and that’s exactly what we do for all our clients when we start our relationships.

Users are generally interested in what their favourite companies are up to, so will always try to keep tabs on what products or services are coming, how they can stay in touch and where they can speak to someone should any matters arrive.

Social Media Consultation
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We engage in a three-prong attack for all our social media clients by putting the research out into the market and finding the best kind of pathway where we can get results, and track them.

Research: Marketing Station will put research into the industry and your competition and then come out with a fantastic social media marketing idea to boost your presence!

Tracking: We track results and deploy varieties of social media campaigns, keeping close tabs on what works and making your business seen.

Success: Once we’ve successfully put together a Facebook and/or Instagram campaign, we’ll see and share the results and give you the good news, along with a few ideas for next time.