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Google Ads Vs. SEO: Understanding the Importance of Using Both
Oct 21, 2021

Google Ads Vs. SEO: Understanding the Importance of Using Both

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When working with a digital marketing agency Sydney, you need think about using Google Ads versus SEO. Which option is the better choice? The reality is that these are both essential for your business, so both are important to use for your business. By reading on, you can learn about why these are both important for your business, as well as what to consider when using these different options.

Difference Between Google Ads and SEO

Google Ads and SEO have their own unique but complementary places for websites. Google Ads is a type of PPC (Pay Per Click) online display advertising. Every time that a person clicks on these ads, you pay. The ad will get displayed to those users who have typed in specific keywords on the search engine. This allows you to better target users who are searching for something on a specific topic. Google Ads allows you to get visibility for these particular keywords, even if you don’t have the SEO rankings or online reputation for a higher ranking on the organic searches.

On the other hand, SEO revolves around what you need to do to make your site appealing to visitors, creating content that both addresses their needs and engages with the reader. You need to build a solid SEO strategy, this means not just creating articles, but also things like videos or infographics. This also means that you need to focus on things like optimizing your website so that it’s easier to navigate and more appealing to the user.

Can Google Ads Help with SEO?

While each of these options have their own unique roles, you should be utilizing both options in order to attract the attention that your website deserves. When you use each of these options effectively, they can actually work extremely well together as part of an overall digital marketing strategy. You can use Google Ads in a strategic way to increase your visibility for keywords that you may not have the Page 1 rankings for organically. This will give you a boost for those keywords that you need some help with. You can then track the customers who click on the ads and then see how they engage with your page. Then you can use this information to improve your organic search results.

Likewise, you can use the keyword data that you get from SEO to see where you can invest in ads to get a good ROI. For instance, if you have a keyword that you are targeting but you have a lot of competition for, you can invest in ads for those keywords to get more visibility. However, if you’re already ranking high with a keyword, then you don’t need to invest your money in ranking higher on the search engine results.


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