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SEO for Voice Search: How It Works and Why It’s Important Today
Nov 15, 2021

SEO for Voice Search: How It Works and Why It’s Important Today

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Voice searches are very popular these days, especially thanks to devices like Alexa or Google Home. Having all of that information just by talking to their search assistance can be great for people. However, this also means that businesses need to tap into this new approach to web searches by SEO optimizing for their websites. A digital marketing agency in Sydney can tell you just how important this is today. Reading on, you can learn the basics about SEO for voice search to help you with your needs.

Why is SEO for Voice Search Important Today?

You probably have many devices that you talk to every day. Between Alexa and the voice assistant programs on your phone, you may find it easier to just say what you are looking for rather than typing it out. Whether you choose to use voice search out of necessity or just sheer convenience, voice SEO is an option that a lot of people are choosing today for their internet search needs.

What does this mean for your business? If you’re not optimized for SEO for voice search, you are going to miss out on the market of individuals who rely on voice search results for their information. That’s why this is an important investment into your business today.

Ways to Optimize for Voice Search

There are things that you can do that will help you to optimize your website for the purpose of voice searches. This section will take a look at some of those ways to optimize your SEO for voice search.

Understanding Who Your Customer is and What Device They Use

Using any real-time data and research available to you, you can learn more about the people who are using voice search and which devices they are using for this purpose. By narrowing down this information, you can see who your target market is here, which helps you to better use voice search to your advantage.

Use Conversational Keywords

You still need to consider things like short-tail keywords, but it’s even more important to think about conversational keywords. What this means is you have to think about how someone is going to search for something online. For instance, if they are looking for restaurants, they will likely say “Mexican food near me” or “Where is there a Mexican restaurant near me?” You need to not only decide on which keywords they will use to search for you using voice search but also giving them a complete answer for the search results.


As technology advances, digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving. That’s why the Marketing Station offers you the valuable information that you need to better understand this ever-changing industry. If you are not tapping into the potential of voice search, you could potentially be missing out on a lot of customers for your business. Investing your time and money into an SEO strategy for voice searches can be a wise investment to make into your business.