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What is Google PageSpeed Insights And How it Works?
Aug 10, 2021

What is Google PageSpeed Insights And How it Works?

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The speed at which your site loads is critical. People aren’t willing to wait for your site to respond, they’ll just go to one of your competitors. Plus, the search engines will be more reluctant to send people to your site. Thankfully, you can use the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google. Let’s look at what this tool is and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is Google PageSpeed Insights?

This is a tool that will tell you how fast your site is loading. You’ll need to put your site URL into the tool. Then, it will start crunching the numbers. It will give you a range of insights. You’ll know how many seconds it takes a user to interact with your site. You’ll also get a ranking out of 100. The higher this number is, the faster your page is loading.

Why is Page Loading Speed Important?

First, it determines how many page bouncers you are getting. Studies have shown that if your website takes more than ten seconds to load, the bounce rate will increase by over 120 percent. That’s a huge loss in potential traffic. This also has a big impact on your conversation rate, lowering the number of sales that you can achieve.

Tips to Boost Your Page Loading Speed

Ideally, your page will take under two seconds to load. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rate. The PageSpeed Insights tool can help you achieve this goal. There are a few ways that it does this.

When looking at your report, scroll down to the possible optimizations list. These are some of the areas that you can improve. You can sort these via priority, so you know which ones are going to have the biggest impact on your site. As one of the best SEO companies in Sydney, we can help you implement these changes.

Your biggest goal should be to eliminate too many large pictures. These are the leading reasons why your site might be slow to load. You can stop this from happening by compressing these images. WordPress has the WP Smush Image tool to help you do this. This simple step alone can drop your loading speed by up to 50 percent.

You can also use browser caching. This ensures that when people visit your site, they don’t need to reload the same data for a second time. This will allow you to get your load speeds ten times faster.

When it comes to developing content for the smartphone, you might want to use the AMP format. This is a tool that was created by Google. It’s meant to allow you to create smartphone content that will let your web pages load faster. Often, these are located on the top of the recommended pages list. Plus, it will format your content to better suit the smartphone. For example, users will be able to hit next to move to another article.


Boosting your page load speed is highly important for the development of your site. Getting a higher PageSpeed Insights score means that Google will be more likely to recommend your site. Our Sydney marketing agency can help you achieve this goal. Give us a call today to find out more about lowering your page loading speed.